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Grav is an award winning flat-file CMS that makes it easy to rapidly develop fast sites without the limitations and shortcomings of other platforms.

The team behind Trilby Media are the exact same folks that built Grav in the first place!
We know it inside and out and can ensure that your site development project is handled professionally and in a timely manner.

What can we help you with


Trilby Media can help you bring your custom plugin or theme to realization. We have boat-loads of top-notch plugins and themes under our belts, so nothing is impossible.


We can help you with a wide variety of questions or issues. With our vast Grav experience, there's no issue that won't be able to provide help and advice on resolving.


We can help you with design, development, deployment, hosting, and on-going maintenance and security of your custom project.

Soup to Nuts

Trilby Media can help you migrate your existing site onto the award winning Grav CMS platform with a minimum of effort and stress.

Managed Hosting

Trilby Media has developed a highly optimized and scalable hosting environment for Grav. We ensure that your site is fast, reliable, and worry free.

Service Level Agreement

Our team has vast knowledge about building web solutions that ensures there is basically no problem we cannot solve, and we offer a variety of flexible SLA (Service Level Agreement) plans to fit your needs.

Custom tailored Grav plugins

Enhance Grav's experience with plugins built to fill the gap

Git-Sync Plugin
Once installed and configured by an (easy-to-use) wizard interface (shown below) seamless bi-directional syncing is possible with a variety of Git services, including GitHub, GitLab and BitBucket.
OAuth2 Client
Authentication against an OAuth2 Provider. Seamlessly integrate OAuth2 authentication with the most popular providers such as GitHub, Instagram, Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Apple. Extensible for any OAuth2 integration.
Grav Premium Products
Exclusive collection of plugins and themes we built to enhance your site by providing additional functionality beyond the scope of Grav itself

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