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A Perfect Combo

Trilby + Grav making the web great again :)

Grav is an award winning flat-file CMS that makes it easy to rapidly develop fast sites without the limitations and shortcomings of other platforms. The team behind Trilby Media are the exact same folks that built Grav in the first place! We know it inside and out and can ensure that your site development project is handled professionally and in a timely manner.


Services We Provide


Have questions? We have answers...

We can help you with a wide variety of questions or issues. With our vast Grav experience, there's no issue that won't be able to provide help and advice on resolving.


Need custom functionality?

Trilby Media can help you bring your custom plugin or theme to realization. We have boat-loads of top-notch plugins and themes under our belts, so nothing is impossible.


Not happy on your current platform?

Trilby Media can help you migrate your existing site onto the award winning Grav CMS platform with a minimum of effort and stress.

Soup to Nuts

We can handle the whole shebang...

We can help you with design, development, deployment, hosting, and on-going maintenance and security of your custom project.

The Trilby Team

We've got you covered

Trilby Media consists of a crack team of highly talented web professionals who have been developing world-class web solutions for the past 20 years. The team has extensive experience developing for various open source CMS platforms and is the same team that developed the fast-growing Grav CMS, which focuses on speed, flexibility, and extensibility.

Andy Miller

Partner & Sr. Developer

Computer engineer with 20 years of web development experience including Exxon, Compaq, and HP. Co-founder of Joomla, and author of Grav CMS

Djamil Legato

Partner & Sr. Developer

Fullstack developer with 15 years experience with a passion for JavaScript. MooTools Core Developer and Grav core-team developer

Matias Griese

Sr. Developer

Jakub Baran

Sr. Frontend Developer

Karol Orzeł

Sr. Frontend Developer

The Trilby Media team hit it out of the park when they developed my custom open source plugin...

- Paul Hibbitts / Hibbitts Design

We used Trilby to make a truly powerful plug-in for a Grav site. They were outstanding to work with...

- Ryan Boog / Happy Dog Web Productions

These guys are amazing to work with and we definitely plan on using them again for other projects...

- Salim Lakhani / Web Standard

It took Trilby Media only one day to realize the adjustments I needed. A pleasure to work with…

- Arno Rog

Trilby Media took my rough idea and created an amazing theme that exceed my expectations. Will definitely use again.

- Andy Stewart / Troozers.com

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You can use the provided form, email us directly at hello@trilby.media, or reach out to us on social media...