Trilby Managed Hosting

Fast, Reliable, Secure

We offer the perfect setup to run your Grav site on the fastest hardware and network. Our hosting services are fully focused on Grav to provide optimal performance while also ensuring your site is always secure and available.

We will keep your site fully updated so you can be worry-free.

Built for Grav
Optimized for performance
Managed Hosting
Always up-to-date
Secure and protected
SSL and HTTP/2
Health monitored
Fast SSD storage
40 Gbit Network
Fast VPS Server

We have years of experience researching, configuring and hosting Grav-based websites to provide the best environment for optimal performance.

By hosting with us you can take advantage of our hard earned knowledge and ensure your site has the best possible hosting solution.

Our plans include dedicated VPS servers with the latest hardware in the industry. We partner with leading VPS providers to guarantee reliability and performance no matter your region of operation.

The easiest and most secure Stage to Production setup

With any of our plan you will get a staging and production environment. You will be able to perform your changes through Admin on the private staging environment and synchronize to production with the click of a button when you are ready. We take security very seriously and even though Grav has no database, we won't allow Admin in production.


Your site, close to home. Pick the datacenter that best matches your location or audience.