Grav CMS Business SLA

The software you use is a critical component in your digital strategy solution, and we can help keep things running smoothly.

  • Guaranteed Response Times
  • Priority Bug Fixes
  • Dedicated Professional Support

The Full Stack Solution

When developing web-based solutions, your infrastructure is secured with several SLAs that cover the various layers of your architecture. From your data centers and your servers to the operating systems that run on them, and finally the software that empowers your end-user solutions. Trilby Media is the only official Grav CMS SLA provider, and our team of world-class professionals is the same team that wrote it.

Priority Access

Trilby Media already supports an open source community of thousands of end users to ensure Grav is continuously updated with bug fixes, security patches, and new features. A business-level SLA provides priority access to our team as a trusted partner, to ensure your needs are addressed quickly and efficiently. Pick a package that works best for your organization, or contact us and we'll work with you directly to discuss a custom solution.

SLA Coverage

As part of all our business-level SLAs, Trilby Media will support Grav CMS itself, as well as any “Team Grav” official Plugins, and “Trilby Media” Plugins. Examples of these “Team Grav” official plugins include, but are not limited to: Admin, Form, Email, Login, SimpleSearch, ShortCode, Sitemap, Feed, Comments, etc. For “Trilby Media”, this covers all our plugins including, but not limited to: GitSync, TNTSearch, Algolia, Flex Objects, Downloads, etc.

We will endeavor to provide solutions for any problems that arise surrounding the software discussed, but we can also provide insight and assistance regarding the platforms and server software that is integral to Grav’s ability to run effectively.


We understand that communication with our clients is key. That’s why we offer a variety of mechanisms to ensure communication is quick and efficient. Depending on the SLA plan you choose, we offer:

  • Email
  • Web-based Ticket System
  • Dedicated Slack Chat Channel
  • Web-based Meeting (e.g. Skype, GotoMeeting, Google Meet, Discord, Slack Calls)
  • Whatever works best for you!

Business Level Service Agreements:

Gold Plan

$750 per month
$7,500 per year (save > 16%)
  • Response Time: 24 hours on business days (8/5 MST)
  • Non-Critical Bug Fixes: Included (7 hours max) per month
  • Priority Bug Fixes: $150/hr
  • Communication Channels: Web-based Ticket System, Email, Dedicated Slack Chat

Platinum Plan

$1,500 per month
$15,000 per year (save > 16%)
  • Response Time: 3 hours on business days (8/5 MST), 12 hours (24/7)
  • Non-Critical Bug Fixes: Included (14 hours max) per month
  • Priority Bug Fixes: $150/hr
  • Communication Channels: Web-based Ticket System, Email, Dedicated Slack Chat, Voice/Screen-Sharing.

Enterprise Plan

$ Contact Us
  • Response Time: Contact us
  • Non-Critical Bug Fixes: Included
  • Priority Bug Fixes: Included
  • Communication Channels: Contact Us

PAYGO Block Plan

$1000 - 8 hour blocks ($125/hr)
$5000 - 40 hour blocks ($125/hr)
  • Response Time: 24 hours on business days (8/5 MST)
  • Non-Critical Bug Fixes: 1hr block/hr
  • Priority Bug Fixes: 2hr block/hr
  • Communication Channels: Web-based Ticket System, Email

Frequently Asked Questions:

Generally speaking it covers a single instance. However Multisite installations of Grav are considered as a single instance.

Standard bug-fix hours accrue or roll-forward each month so that unused hours in one month are available in the next. Hours can accrue for 6 months before they expire. For example, if you have paid for 7 months of any SLA plan, but have not used any hours, then suddenly need to use those hours, the first month’s hours have expired, leaving you with 6 months of accrued hours to take advantage of. These hours are available while you still maintain an SLA plan with us.

Depending on current obligations, we expect to start work on any non-critical bug fix within 5 business days of receiving the full details of the issue. If the issue is large, and will require a large expenditure of hours, we might need more lead time to get started on the issue. This is not a fixed amount, as we will attempt to start as soon as possible, so we could begin within a few days, but certainly not longer than 10 business days.

Once work has started on your issue, we will work on resolving the issue in a timely fashion until the issue is resolved. If the issue takes longer to resolve than currently accrued hours, we will discuss with the client how best to move forward, potentially using hours from future months.

We will first attempt to solve the problem with a test environment. We will need a copy of your current setup to recreate things as close to your production setup as possible. If this does not suffice, we will need access to your systems to debug the problem better and provide an appropriate solution. An NDA should be in place with us as part of our SLA services.

For your security and data privacy we strongly prefer to have a Non-Disclosure Agreement in place as part of setting up the SLA.

The Gold and Platinum plans enable you to rely on us as an available resource whenever you need us, and you pay a monthly service fee for standard support and bugfixes. Priority bug fixes require an additional cost. The PAYGO plan allows you to pre-purchase support and bug fixing hours.

You purchase a block of hours from us, and we use those hours towards handling any support or standard bugfix issues that arise. If we apply all your available hours before the issues are resolved, you will need to purchase more hours for us to continue. Unused PAYGO plan hours will expire after 1 year from purchase.

If you have a standard bug, every hour we use to address the issue, we apply towards an hour of your purchased block plan. If the issue is a priority bugfix and needs to be addressed immediately, we apply 2 hours for each hour spent on resolving the problem.

No. We do not allow for contracts to be bought through us and then resold to third-party entities.

Exclusions and Limitations:

  1. Changes/Derivatives.Trilby Media reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to limit or refuse to support and maintain derivatives made by a customer; such derivatives may impact Trilby Media ability to perform support.
  2. Limitations.Trilby Media will support each Major Version of the Supported Applications for a minimum of twenty-four (24) months from date it is Generally Available. Trilby Media will not be responsible for: (a) correcting any errors not reproducible by Trilby Media on the unmodified Supported Application(s) or errors not caused by Trilby Media or the Supported Application: (b) customer’s failure to implement all Updates and Upgrades provided by Trilby Media; (c) changes to the operating system or environment which adversely affect the Supported Application(s); or (d) accident, negligence, or misuse of the Software.
  3. Updates.Trilby Media may develop and provide Updates in its sole discretion.Trilby Media has no obligation to develop any Updates at all or for particular issues. Further Trilby Media may provide some or all Updates via download from a website designated by Trilby Media. Trilby Media has no obligation to provide Updates via any other media. Support services do not include any new Version or new Release of the Software that Trilby Media may issue as a separate or new product, and Trilby Media may determine whether any issuance qualifies as a new Version, new Release, or Update in its sole discretion. In some cases, the customer will be required to upgrade to the latest Release of Trilby Media Software to receive the fix for an issue or defect.
  4. End of Life: Trilby Media reserves its right, in its sole discretion,to designate any of the Supported Applications as End of Life. As a condition of moving the lifecycle status of a Supported Application to End of Life, Trilby Media will make available or continue to provide an alternate application with comparable functionality; or, if Trilby Media decides to discontinue a Supported Application entirely, Trilby Media will provide at least six (6) months’ prior written notice to customer to allow customers to upgrade or migrate to other available solutions.

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